Welcome to ARCH 401C!

We are an Architectural Design Studio in the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington. Our Winter Quarter 2017 studio consists of lectures, instruction and the mentoring of 4th-year architecture students on a community-based project. This project represents an opportunity to explore design applications to place-making of a hub for innovation in Seattle’s Central District. Urban design and architecture solutions will be applied for the creation of space for human service offices, a technology jobs development center, entrepreneurial startup space, a makers’ space fabrication lab (fab-lab), retail spaces and an affordable housing complex.

The intended result will be the co-creation of a vision of a place for comprehensive economic empowerment across a wide spectrum of job preparedness training, professional growth, business ownership development and a proximity affordable dwelling model. The project will enhance a community-based mission of self-determination of for us, by us. It will leverage the synergy of existing properties, current relevant programs and the aspirational plans and initiatives of its stakeholders.

We would like to thank our client and stakeholders for their support and participation in the 23rd and Yesler Innovation Hub project.


Evelyn Allen: Director of the Randolph Carter Family Center

Rob Van Tassell: Vice President of Catholic Housing Services

Shawn Abdul: Operations Manager of Catholic Housing Services


Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange: President of Seattle Central College

Andrea Caupain: CEO of Centerstone

Dennis Comer: Central Area Collaborative

Wyking Garrett: CEO Africatown Seattle

David Harris: Business Startup Advocate with the City of Seattle Economic Development

Donald I King FAIA, Visiting Professor of Architecture in the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington


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