Course Assignments

Assignment 1: Urban Analysis and Base Model-Making

During the second week, the Arch 401C Crew began to work as a team to conduct an analysis that will inform the decisions everyone will make about the program, urban design and building design for the rest of the quarter. 

Then students will investigate the site for your project, including the immediately surrounding blocks, by making research surveys of the area and by reviewing contextual information. 

Spatial Context

Students will collaborate to document the existing and proposed physical fabric of the 23rd Avenue Corridor from East Union Street to South Jackson Street .

Sociocultural Context

Students will collaborate to document the existing demographic make-up of the census tract encompassing the Central District’s.

Regulatory Context

Students will collaborate to provide a synopsis of the various plans, policies, and public opinions that regulate development of the 23rd & Yesler Innovation Hub.

Assignment 2: Building Concept Design

Students will produce concept design drawings of building massing, circulation and function from the space program and suggestions for Afrocentric design applications. 

Assignment 3: Retail/Housing Design

Students will produce further refined design drawings of the typical storefront facade w/streetscape, typical residential floor and typical apartment unit plans.

Assignment 4: Design Integration of Building with Urban Design

Students will produce refined building design drawings, coordinated with related urban design and Afrocentric principles, massing model and videos.

Self-evaluation Notes

Taking notes are weekly record of the students’ design development, including the team and individual work, and serve as a conversation between student and the instructor that is unlikely to occur during the press of desk crits.